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​To the Murray Women's Golf Club

President's end of season note:

Thank you all those ladies who joined our club this year, both as full members and associate
members. It was delight having you along and sincerely hope you enjoyed your season of golf
with the Murray Women’s Golf Club. Please consider joining in 2023 and bring along a friend
or two.

We held a couple of tournaments which turned out well because the weather cooperated this
year. A good time was had by everyone.

Thank you to all those who stepped forward to fill executive positions and those who offered
to lend a helping hand. All your time and efforts were greatly appreciated.

Have a safe and healthy winter regardless if you stay in “sunny” Saskatchewan or travel to
warmer pastures. If you plan to golf while away, please be sure to enter your scores into the
Golf Canada website.

Watch for updates in late March or early April. Take care everyone, and I’ll see you in 2023.

Rosanne Miller, President
Murray Women’s Golf Club

- Rosanne Miller
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